In Today’s world, all types of startup will definitely be needing a website to have a viable web presence. In total essence writers, freelancers, crafters, service providers, and bloggers will also be needing a website in today’s technological world to augment their services. Sometimes their tends to be confusion in deciding whether you should go for a website builder or build a site from scratch, you are on the right page if you’re having this mirage of decision. In this article, I have listed 5 reasons to go for a website builder. Read on to find out why a website builder is more flexible and reliable to anyone interested in having a website


A website builder is literally known as an online service that allows a non-techy savvy to be able to design a website without knowing any programming language or coding skill. Most times, these platforms are known as Content Management Systems as they provide an easy way to take care of the content on your blog or site. Examples of the website builders or content management system as the oftentimes called are; WordPress, weekly, bigcommerce,Shopify. etc. we have a lot of them outside there.


Most of these website builders are known all over the internet to that effect the have thousands of satisfied customers. Which made it possible for them to have thousands of positive feedback from their customers and respond to their queries in a timely fashion. most times very fast. Any problem encountered during the use of their service can easily be rectified by the website builder of your choice.

Often, this is not your ideal option if you want to start from scratch. However, if you are not skillful enough, you can use this service to get your site designed and fix any problems that may occur during the journey. But most times website builders can be used to design any type of website you want all you need to do is if your not that very skilled in using them, just hire a professional that can help you with the design of your choice.


Website builders are very easy to use, that you can design a good looking website with minimal knowledge on web design in general. Not minding the website builder or the CMS service of your choice, you don’t need plenty of designing or coding knowledge to meet your desired website needs, with use to use plugins you can achieve your aim very easily.

As a website builder or CMS user, you can use the Drag & Drop feature to design your website. It’s as easy as playing a video on your computer.


We all know, making a custom of anything from the ground to up will always cost you more in comparison to when it is in large quantity. Custom-made stuff costs more than the stuff produced in a large quantity. Let take this instance to quantify what we are saying, if you want to get a custom suit for that your wedding, it will cost you more to do when been compared to the cost of a ready-made suit. The same way a custom cake will cost more than the one you can get from a nearby bakery.

Likewise, when you want to create a custom website for your brand or business, the same rule is applicable. Hiring a top web designing agency or a freelancer to help you with the design of your website will cost you more [ it depends on what you want to have at the end of the day] if you have a serious business that you will need to have a website for, it is more advisable to be prepared in all things for it, by so doing, employ the services of a professional web designer or developer to help with your web design, cause a web designer knows how to put your website in a good working condition than you do, due to the knowledge they have in their file of works.

In a case of just experimenting with web designing, you don’t need to go through the expenses of hiring a professional web designer, you can just use a website builder and experiment. It won’t cause you thousand bucks to experiment with a website builder or a CMN as it is also known.


A good thing about website builders is the ability for them to offer you the freedom customization and flexibility in their respective platforms. To this effect, you have the ability to enjoy the freedom of customization offered in these platforms, good use of a website builder can really do amazing things with them because they can be used to design any type of website of your choice. all you need is to know how to use them. To enjoy these means having a good knowledge of how to use the offer, Therefore, you can enjoy a lot of freedom when it comes to customizing your platform and make it look different from thousands of other platforms. Moreover, these tools are optimized to work with different types of devices and screens.

In ado, about 75 percent of websites on the internet are powered with a website builder. Giving a website builder a try is not a bad idea at all.


Website builders have speed, and using them means your website will have speed and will be up very fast when compared to code written websites, so, designing your website will be in a matter of a few minutes. It is important for you to make sure that the platform your using is easy to navigate for all types of users. In fact, the majority of CMS services make use of state-of-the-art methods in order to offer maximum speed due to the competition in the market.

For optimal loading speed, CMS services use a number of methods. One of the most popular methods is file compression. With this service, you can do everything effortlessly.

I strongly suggest that these 5 reasons will convince you to look for a good website builder to meet your needs.

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