When you are ready to build a website for your business, there are a lot of mistakes to look out to. It can be frustrating sometimes when dealing with the misleading information out there about what constitutes a useful website, then trying to match it with your own vision.

As you try to figure out everything in your mind, try and avoid these 8 common mistakes.

1. Not Regarding The Rule Of Accessibility.

It’s very important you keep this in mind when building your website, try to understand the rules of accessibility. this is not just for people to be able to enjoy your website content, but also for search engines to be able to find your website and access your website better.

2.Adding Only Relevant Content On Your Website.

Every content added on your website ranging from images to audio, to text, you need to avoid including any type of content that is not relevant to your audience and the message you want them to take away from visiting your website.

3. Making It Difficult For Your Audience To Find You.

Sometimes the most frustrating thing is finding it difficult to contact a website owner that you really need their service or product Nothing is more frustrating than this. As a business owner, you should create a separate page to put down your contact details, so your customers will not find it difficult to contact you when they need your service Don’t hide your contact information from your website visitors. It’s imperative that they can contact you when they need to.

4. Unnecessary Entry Pages.

Maybe you have come across a website like this. Those types of websites that you will be asked to “click here to enter” maybe as a way to increase website click rate, this is completely unnecessary. It can be an impediment to your audience finding the information they need and is absolutely a problem for search engines.

5. Putting Automatic Audio or video.

This could be a bad idea, some websites have a sound that comes on the moment a visitor lands on them, or if the cursor goes over it, but this is also a bad thing to do. Let your visitor choose when the sound or the video comes on and goes off so that they aren’t irritated. Give your visitors the freedom to choose what the want on your site, this has proven to increase website retention rate.

6. Ignoring To Update Your SEO Regularly.

Search engine optimization involves ensuring that the right keywords, headlines, sub-headers, and information are on each page, plus that you provide enough information on your page to help get links back to your page. Learn all you can about SEO to make the most of this organic means of getting traffic.

7. Excessive Use Of Graphics.

Graphics are good for your website because of the beauty it adds to the look, feels, and mood of your entire website. But, this also has its downside when you have too many graphics on your website, of course, you don’t want to have too many of them on your site, because it will affect the speed of your website, it will make your website load slower and cause your visitors to get tired fast and might leave before it finishes loading which you won’t like.

8. Not Organizing Your Website Navigation.

You need to understand how people tend to look and see websites. When they read the paper, it’s left to right, but websites they read vertically and sometimes in an F pattern. If you can understand that, you can put the important information where they’re most likely to view it.

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