Digital marketing (Social media marketing) is the latest buzz. And it is not just for the personal front of our lives. Businesses are using social media to get acquainted with their customers, reach an increasing number of prospects and take their brand names to the next level altogether. Social media platforms are great places to conduct small time research, host contests, encourage customer involvement in our business and regularly interact with your target to get their service feedback.

Social Media Management has thus emerged as a new cadre of web services since the last decade. 48Design has been a pioneer in social media management service provider in Nigeria since the term SMM (social media marketing) had been coined. We have offered scalability and an online escalation of profits to many Nigerian businesses. Through all these years, we have faced challenges, learnt from them, evolved our techniques and emerged as sheer success in the field.

Today, we offer comprehensive Social Media Marketing and Management solutions for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. Here is a brief description about how we help our clients with their social media presence:


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